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Zinc - White Archer
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* Ordering period : From Jun. 28th. 2011 to Jul. 13th. 2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.

bianka00(15-10-31 00:13 /
Hoping for christmas
Can you make an exception and put it on sale for Christmas just once? Only for me if you don't want it to be on sale?
I want him since the first time I joined Soom, it was this beautiful BJD that made joined here i swear. I really really want him even if it doesn't have face up or body blush! Even if I have to put the elastic myself! So please I beg of you, just this Christmas!

atte: Bianka 00
sahoma(11-08-18 02:33 /
much love for this doll!!
I am really sad I wasn't able to bring him home. he is amazing!
I certainly hope you will release more centaurs in that size. I think the proportions look MUCH better than on Epidos!
a centaur female would be so cool too *3* <3
mayichan(11-07-10 08:45 /
pleaseee I want human Zinc
Please again!! I beg you, sell a beautiful human Zinc, pleasee!!
kingmaihk(11-07-02 20:52 /
He absolutly have a more beautiful scale than Epidos~~
But it is so disappointed that he is so small and short.....
I wish there will be a 65cm + tall centaur in same scale~~
And I am going to buy that without any hesitation even I need to pay more!!
silverholly(11-06-30 12:24 /
Wonderful Face!
He is very lovely! I like that he has soft features but still a  masculine face.
mayichan(11-06-29 23:27 /
Please sell Zinc with a human body...
I really want this doll, so much!! but I do hope you'll offer a human body as an option. Centaur's body is amazing but, I´don't have space for him in my home, it's so big!. So hoping for a human version of him.
He's a really awesome mold!!!Congrats Soom
GlitterGirl(11-06-29 02:09 /
Simply stunning...
Oh my god(dess), he is outstanding!  Like someone else said, he makes for a very harmonious whole...  His human parts flow seamlessly into the centaur parts.  And that face - YUM!  Truly a job well done, Soom.
mermaidjewel(11-06-29 01:18 /
He's Gorgeous!
Wow Soom, he's absolutely amazing - very impressive as a centaur; although I too am really hoping he will get released as a human version.
mayichan(11-06-28 22:00 /
and human version??
It´s beutiful, but I'm expecting the human version!! why not sell??? as Epidos. Centaur's body is amazing but I want human body!!!
1120727ik27(11-06-28 16:51 /
Bow included?
Please tell me: bow and arrow included or not.
Zamkung(11-06-28 15:35 /
So Senggggggg

nekopoychan(11-06-28 15:34 /
So BIG !!!!!!!
OH !!! 52 cm. SO BIGGGGGGGGGG !!! ( compare with MSD sized)

As an owner of 22 Soom MD, Supergem dolls. If you put this Zinc or Epidos stand with those other MD dolls, You will see a little pony in the group.

I just need the gorgeous centaur that can stand with other MD dolls in the same scale.
anchixdpx(11-06-28 12:27 /
This wait is killing meee~ lol
Zamkung(11-06-28 12:22 /
Wait to see the full picture.
momoharuno(11-06-28 04:20 /
<3 Must have~
sahoma we know because someone on doa asked Victoria about it and she confirmed that it is a IDealian 51 upper body ^-^

i am definitely in love with this boy i really want to bring him home i think i've already pretty much decided to order him already so unless there is something massively wrong in the rest of the pictures then its pretty much a lock for me to get him ^-~
sahoma(11-06-28 04:12 /
how can you guys tell that this is an ID51??? Ô…
but if it really is, it's 90% sure I'm bringing him home!! (just have to see if I like the face XD )
fransyung(11-06-27 22:07 /
I agree that this is big ^^
He is big, even though the upper body is ID51. Epidos lower body makes him as tall as 60 cm. And Zinc is apparently almost the same height. Maybe a little bit shorter. But he is BIG. Epidos is BIG, and I think it's enough. Do not expect a bigger version that this one. It would be too heavy to move around and to ship.
chibihaku(11-06-27 22:01 /
To those complaining about the size:
As an owner of Epidos' centaur version, let me say that he is -big-. Sure, 51cm may seem small, but add that to the fact that he has a horse body sticking out behind him, and he becomes quite big and heavy quite quickly. Now, add to that a need to keep a 71cm horse body and you have something that is literally quite massive and very, -very- heavy.

Engineering wise, the horse body is wonderful, and it is an amazing feat of Soom that they've managed to get it as big as they have without it starting to look (and feel) awkward. (Like some other big centaurs I could mention.) In short, stop complaining that he's 'small' because as I've actually handled the centaur body I can tell you that he is certainly no such thing. He barely fits into my arms as is.

Zinc is gorgeous, another great Centaur beauty. I'd love to add him to my collection, even, if I had room for two of these wonderful bodies.
teja(11-06-27 21:18 /
Dear Soom,

He looks absolutely lovely! You are so talented in creating beautiful creatures :)Could I also say, that if you will ever consider making bigger version of Centaur that would be utterly amazing! :) Can't wait to see the rest of his photos.
nekopoychan(11-06-27 18:56 /
Is that Idealian51 ?!!!?
OMG, face up 40$ !!
So, it's PONY again as epidos ???
I feel disappointing so much T^T"
I wishing for huge & gorgeous centure, not the pony one = ="
Hope you considering to do Idealian72 next time.

PS. when Epidos standing with other MD, he look like a pony more than Centure = ="
ikaru(11-06-27 18:51 /
nornal skin
i want a normal skin! :-D
rishimsin(11-06-27 06:48 /
Human too please!
Seconding the request for a human body option or the chance to get him as a human later. As much as I love the centaur bit I am looking for a female centaur and not a male!

But he looks like he's got a lovely head and I wouldn't mind another handsome elf eared unicorn horned boy at all!
Ashemanu(11-06-25 16:02 /
Human too?
Please bring him out with a choice for a human body too! He would be much more attractive then for many buyers - even more attractive than he already is :)
Satirica(11-06-25 15:05 /
Oh my...
I just fell in love with him!
I hope his face will be as lovely as Epidos' face QwQ
If it'll be, I'll definitely want him!! *3*
tonhigh2002(11-06-25 14:18 /
Idealian 72?
Hope this amazing guy willl come with Idealian 72 size not 52..... ^_^
evenstar1(11-06-25 12:45 /
Must have him!
Finally I can get a centaur as I missed out on Epidos and have regretted it since.

Can't wait to see more pics ^^
chocobikies(11-06-25 09:15 /
YES!!!! i finally have the chance to own a larger centaur XD

his face looks even better than epidos !!!
aprillee(11-06-25 07:04 /
Soom, you never disappoint!  He is gorgeous!  ^_^
anchixdpx(11-06-25 04:59 /
And there go my dolly funds. Again.
Dear Soom:
Thanks for stealing my dolly funds. AGAIN. with a new, beautiful doll. I've been searching for a while for the perfect centuar. Leave it to you to create it. He's beautiful, and perfect in EVERY way. You will have my order the minute you release him. I'll be waiting like a loser. <3<3<3
SkylaRose(11-06-25 04:17 /
he looks so beautiful! I may have to cave if he's available as a human and is affordable like Epidos was. Awwwwwwww why when I'm so desperate for a different doll do you do this to me lol <3
MsFaensa(11-06-25 03:57 /
How I will pay 2 layaway?How? T_T Waiting full photos, but I think I must find money for first layaway payment for him.
If be so grate if he can be without "pony" body. So want fairy head with human body and beautiful outfit)))
MaryMorel(11-06-25 01:48 /
nice !
shinigamiduo(11-06-25 01:04 /
Oh my....
Oh man. I need to see more, but depending of what he looks like, I might have to sale my Epidos and upgrade to this guy! But I don't suppose you get the NS/WS like we had with Epidos, do we?
gelfling9(11-06-25 00:44 /
Too beautiful, what am I going to do?!^^
Soom you are the masters of beautiful, character-ful dolls.
I am praying that he is LE of 5000, then I may have a chance to get him! ><
Chessapphire1214(11-06-24 22:45 /
Wow . . . Modify Delete 
It's like every little flaw on Epidos was fixed and turned into a centaur god . . . Please please please let me be able to afford this one, pleaseeeeee
Nightweaver(11-06-24 21:22 /
OMG Soom!!! <3 Modify Delete 
>_< I hope he's going to be affordable!!.. omg... I do so want him.
Epidos looked more like pony propotion like.. this one... goodness!!
Want to see more of him! <3
Byakko(11-06-24 20:38 /
oh wow Modify Delete 
I really-really-really want a  mare of the same scale. >.<
Roni(11-06-24 19:59 /
That´s it... Modify Delete 
I hope, Soom, you are prepared for huge amount of orders :D
Evil_Lo(11-06-24 19:49 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
Wow! The most harmonious BJD-centaur, that I've ever seen!
Soom, you are the best!
taresa1213(11-06-24 18:35 /
Love at first sight
Oh my~~ he's absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see more!