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[MD/FEB] Ender-Lord of dead
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* Ordering period : From Feb.11th. to Feb.27th.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* The jackal braided wig is included in the outfit set.
* Ankh without body blushing option is a normal skin part.

* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide the Removing Seam service for transperent resin and dark resin-bronze,grey,brown tan,etc...
* Slight color gaps due to a sanding work on the edges of some parts during production process may appear on dark-colored resin dolls.
Thank you for your understanding.

Rachelle(12-02-09 02:56 /
Ender? Anubis? Are they coming back, is this mold …
Is Ender still available somewhere? I don't even have to get the Anubis head and the Egyptian Clothing (even if he is just PERFECT like this), please, is he coming back? Maybe as something else? I really really love him, he is perfect for one of my OCs...
sonialee369(11-03-12 00:05 /
my dear~~I'm waitting for you
en~~~~my dear I just watting for you,soom please
Anon(11-03-07 13:17 /
:) Modify Delete 
Very cool!
jenkat(11-02-22 05:35 /
Argh...Praise the sandals! Modify Delete 
Soom, congratulations on another gorgeous big boy... the rate at which you keep releasing gorgeous big tan boys at the moment its very hard to keep up! Special praise for the footwear this time...those gorgeous sandals are especially perfect. Good footwear has been sadly lacking from the latest MD fullset outfits, which is more understandable when you have to compete with amazing fantasy feet. However, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be more than happy to shell out for amazing footwear if it was also available for our dolls.
aprillee(11-02-17 20:47 /
He is PERFECT!!!

I have been an Anubis fan for many, many years and you have made him beautifully and perfectly! 

And I love his human version, too!  What a gorgeous guy!
MaryMorel(11-02-17 06:02 /
Man of my dreams !
Baise de Lang(11-02-16 14:39 /
... Modify Delete 
He is gorgeous...but too beautiful to be on such a manly body. I bet he'd make a lovely lady!
Acrid(11-02-14 13:00 /
UNF. Modify Delete 
His face is the handsomest thing I've seen in a while. I am so serious--those eyes just TOTALLY seal the deal for me, and usually, I don't like the huge dolls with those tans... But oh my goodness, he is just too handsome to pass up...
Now, where to get $1060...
jackal19(11-02-14 06:29 /
Much love~
I personally really like the MG body, and I think it goes well with this particular doll. The only thing that seems off is his human head being so effeminate and delicate looking. He's still incredible though, and I'm looking forward to him being my first bigger-sized doll^^
Ereskigal(11-02-14 04:55 /
stunning Modify Delete 
He is just perfect. I love Mega Gems with beautiful faces a lot. It's very suitable. He looks like a male model and not a like a boy. I like Super Gems as well, but I prefer the Mega Gem, especially with such beautiful faces.

I thought I'd be safe this month but he hit me like Heliot and Gluino. He will be mine near end of the order perios. And I think the Jackal head is definitly more worth than Shoshon's antlers, so the price is absolutely ok for this set. even the outfit- there is a lot of embroidery work to be done on this set, which is much harder and longer work than just sewing. A more elaborate work.
ymglq(11-02-14 01:40 /
Charming face Modify Delete 
I like Anubis, he has a legend.
 This is not your best work. His temperament is closer to a soldier or a prince - not a god.
 But his face is full of charm.
 He did not paw parts, I feel some regret.
 I will meet him, for my love Euclase not lonely, ha ha ha ~
Okiama(11-02-14 00:49 /
Amazing doll, just wish he was less expensive and out longer. x(
Yamila(11-02-14 00:05 /
Cute but expensive Modify Delete 
I think he is perfect, but the price is extremally expensive for be a MD.
fransyung(11-02-13 14:53 /
^^ Pretty
Pretty boys with bulky bodies. ^^;; You recently like to create them like that... I really miss seeing Super Gem MDs... Hopefully you will make more SG in the future... (_ _) Please don't get me wrong. Ender is beautiful... I will buy one soon. ^^ *hugs* to all Soom staff... Great job as always! Please consider making a female Osiris next time! XD
nena(11-02-13 09:38 /
hmmm Modify Delete 
I like the doll! However it's like a basic doll with the minimum clothing. From a creative point of view it needed more "wow" factor.  Maybe more accessories or a small animal would have been perfect. An optional Jackal head would have been good.  Special hands or legs would have been a killer. From a financial view it is way too expensive and i don't think it deserves it … it's not even a super gem.
Don't get me wrong... I like it but I feel like it needs more thought and work put in it!

If you ever read this I hope you would take it in consideration the next time
Heh(11-02-12 15:34 /
DAT ASS Modify Delete 
Because DAYUM!


Great work as always SOOM!
Zetahadrian(11-02-12 12:05 /
I had been waiting for the full picture since the start of the teaser. I was expecting some demon joints to go along (infer from the Mummy movie and SOOM previous works). Though I feel something is amiss, Ender in fact is very close to the ancient myth about Anubis. Coupled with the Mega body and the beautiful face, I WILL BUY HIM!!!

1. Egyptians labour alot - this could explain about the Mega body
2. Ender's beautiul face - ... *he is god right?*
ichabod(11-02-12 10:58 /
he's so pretty! Modify Delete 
I WANT! he's beautiful!
parton(11-02-12 10:13 /
Mega Modify Delete 
He's amazing! If he were supergem instead of megagem I would buy him in an instant.
Noni(11-02-12 05:14 /
. Modify Delete 
How I wish he was a super gem =(
Dolly(11-02-12 05:06 /
Gorgeous, but . . . Modify Delete 
What beautiful presentation, wonderful job Soom! I love his face soooo much, but sadly I will not be buying him. :( I do not like my pretty boys to have such big beefy manly bodies like the Mega Gem body, and I sincerely hope you will consider making such pretty, pretty male heads for Super Gem bodies. Still, he is a very nice doll and I am happy for everyone that is buying him.
AnnoDomini(11-02-12 04:11 /
OMG!!! Modify Delete 
OMG, He is sooooo gorgeous, I might die so that I
can pinch his cheeks in the afterlife!!!!!!

I want him...I want him as bad as I want Chalco and Glati...
That's quite dangerous.
JennyNemesis(11-02-12 03:37 /
Stunning fullset! <3 Modify Delete 
Wow! Now that is one spectacular fullset. The paintjob, the blushing, the bling, the sandals, the mask, it's all great!  Ender is one breathtakingly beautiful creature. I would love to have him in brown... if only my apartment would grow big enough to fit more giants. ;;^^

Wonderful job Soom!

(Don't listen to those whiners. Mega Gems are awesome.)
errinreynolds(11-02-12 03:19 /
The Jackal Modify Delete 
For those of you saying that his head looks far too small to fit on his body, at first I had to agree. Then I got out my handy dandy google. If you look at the body of a jackal their head is smaller, sleeker and I believe thats the look Soom was going for with the Jackal head.
Tygati(11-02-12 02:30 /
Better as SuperGem Modify Delete 
Once again, his face is breathtakingly beautiful, and looks completely out of place on the bulging-muscle MegaGem body. If he'd been a SuperGem, I would have bought him in a heartbeat.

Oh well, next time, I suppose.
Avery(11-02-12 02:23 /
So cruel Modify Delete 
Why are you killing us Soom? That is such a gorgeous face but its too pretty and dainty for such a beefy body! The head would have worked better on a supergem. I really dislike the mega gem body SO MUCH but I'm crying because I love his face!
Skadi(11-02-12 01:55 /
Brilliant! Modify Delete 
The jackal head is sublime, I love it! Well done SOOM, he's a very classy doll! xxxx
SkylaRose(11-02-11 23:38 /
Can't stop drooling XD Modify Delete 
Okay Soom, he is down right gorgeously perfect. I can't stop drooling. If only I had the money *cries*
Loonycorn(11-02-11 23:22 /
I am 90% sure I'm getting this dolly. He's nothing short of adorable.
namine(11-02-11 22:55 /
SO SEXY Modify Delete 
hes so gorgeous but i why you dint make hem fantasy legs like the mask and some special hands like the good hes representing ...and color black skin option .. overall hes so Gorgeous doll
mee(11-02-11 22:27 /
lovely Modify Delete 
Beautiful overall. But his neck is too thick for that head. Both heads should have been on a supergem body for better proportions. I would also have loved some special hands for your asking price.

Your outfits are overpriced. How is a wrap skirt and a few bits $145?
Reiyuu(11-02-11 21:26 /
For Larat Modify Delete 
Was shoshon a mega gem? if he was just a supergem then that may be your answer.

I have to say Soom.. I'm smitten.. of all your Monthlies this one I truelly wish I could have as a full set due to my love of egypt and ancient history! I'm smitten beyond belief! Sadly though i couldnt afford a fullset.
help(11-02-11 20:37 /
ahhhhh Modify Delete 
i wanna hug him ><
nomoney(11-02-11 19:18 /
wtf Modify Delete 
why he's more expensive than shoshon.. especially the tan skin, why don't you put the jackall head as a option?
larat(11-02-10 20:26 /
Please!!! Modify Delete 
Dear Soom, let him see!!! Please!))
aernath(11-02-10 05:32 /
Enticing! Modify Delete 
Could you maybe offer him in white skin, so we can dye him black? :)
Awesome teaser! Leaves us all wondering if it's a mask or head, but still, he looks very promising!
Will this pave the way for a Bastet later on? *hopes*
Neffy(11-02-08 19:55 /
He is gorgeous Modify Delete 
To KnittingDragon, He was the overseer of the deceased, the god of embalming and yes also the dead, as he lead them into the Underworld.
Osiris was the ruler of the Underworld. Egyptian dieties such as Osiris and Anubis was associated with many different roles.
AyaZaoldyeck(11-02-08 15:32 /
Omg he is amazing but the ears seens too long...But please make him have anthro parts!! I love paws and claws!!!And make up stylish all egypcian!!! X3
Aline Vendeth(11-02-08 15:22 /
Awww Modify Delete 
OMG plz make him anthro give him fluffy paws too omg is sooooo pretty and gorgeous!!!!
anonymous(11-02-08 11:46 /
Neat! Modify Delete 
I really love what Soom did with the teaser pic.
Megan(11-02-08 11:32 /
WOW!! Modify Delete 
AWESOME!!! I hope there will be a Teenie Gem with the same theme!
jwsmith(11-02-08 09:43 /
Oh he is wonderful!!  I am soooo happy he is mega gem!!!
I have Monzo, and he is breath taking and stands so perfect. I love the mega gems best of all!!!
Rabbit-moon(11-02-08 06:52 /
All Hail Anubis! Modify Delete 
Soom, he looks wonderful! 
Pleeeeze!  Give him a strong, masculine face.  He's suppose to be Egyptian and should look dark and exotic.
Chrome Cat(11-02-08 06:11 /
no fair! Modify Delete 
This is really bad timing! It's just not fair!
Star Valo(11-02-08 05:32 /
wow Modify Delete 
I'm a sucker for all things Ancient Egyptian, especially Anubis!
Darn you SOOM! I can't afford another one of your dolls after the Cuprit re-release!

He looks lovely though, all dark and mysterious
KnittingDragon(11-02-08 04:44 /
Looking Great! Modify Delete 
Problem though. Anubis is  not the lord of the dead, That title belongs to Osiris. Anubis is the funerary god.
ladyofthefae(11-02-08 02:20 /
OMG ANUBIS!!!! Modify Delete 
The pagan in me is SQUEEING. I LOVE Anubis!
Jaideen(11-02-08 01:26 /
Why Soom WHY????? 
I don't care if I have to sell someone's first born; unless this guy is fugly beyond Freddy Kruger I MUST HAVE HIM!  There goes the budget for the next few months. You couldn't have started with the Egyptian style, ya had to spring it on us now?  MORE PLEASE!!!
Kiro(11-02-08 00:23 /
Please SOOM no!
I've loved egyptian mythology and Anubis for so long I can remember and now you do this for me.

He looks absolutely wonderfull and I can't wait to see more pictures soon.
I just hope he won't be too big for my collection...
Chibihaku(11-02-07 20:39 /
Oh Soom. Modify Delete 
Just when I think my wallet is free of your clutches, you release something like -this.-

Damn. I've loved Egyptian myths since I was 7... I never stood a chance.
aprillee(11-02-07 19:08 /
Oh, I've always loved Anubis... and Egyptian themes!  He looks fantastic!!!
teja(11-02-07 18:44 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
Oh wow teaser looks amazing! Egypts gods are one of my favorite themes! Love the concept and can't wait to see the rest of him! and also love that he is MG. MG are amazing, they are so stable and stands like rocks! <3
Reiyuu(11-02-07 18:17 /
Holy Dog! [pun intended..] Modify Delete 
Wow guys. This teaser is wonderful. It gives an eerie yet wonderful hint as to what is yet to come.. I am pretty much won over already. I look forward to seeing his face and skintone before I make any final decisions.
Pendrith(11-02-07 17:52 /
wow Modify Delete 
just when I think I don't want any more soom dolls you bring this guy out. Love love love <3
Im excited to see what hes like! and I love the mega gem body <3
Guide(11-02-07 17:45 /
Oh god.... Modify Delete 
Wow.  Mega-<3 for this guy if he even looks a fraction as cool in person as he does in this teaser pic.
Synth(11-02-07 17:13 /
Yeah another mega <3 Modify Delete 
And while some say they'll take their money elsewhere, there's some of us that'll bring the money in, when there's megagem around!

Wooaaa beefy guys! There's enough of slim boys already and I'm sure Soom will do enough super gems later, plz let us have some of the mega gems..
Grendel(11-02-07 16:42 /
I was thinking about making my own anubis and that I couldn't imagine a doll I would be tempted by!  A bit creepy.  In walks Anubis and I am tempted.  Here's hoping his face will be too cute with a turned up nose & kill temptation!  The profile of the jackal is good in the teaser.  Not perfect, note the turned up nose!!!
Avery(11-02-07 16:08 /
Not another mega?? Modify Delete 
Looks like another mega gem? But the last big guy was a mega gem sized. What happened to the Super Gem bodies we love? Please tell me this guy is coming in SG sized as well, cause releasing nothing but big beefy guys forces a lot of us to take our money elsewhere. Really sad cause the teaser is interesting.
Azyntil(11-02-07 16:03 /
Wow, Soom!
When you guys get me with the teaser - that's when you know you're doing it right! Simply amazing, and I can't wait to see more. But, I think I'm hooked already. We'll probably end up with two at home! lol