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DanielDante(14-07-15 01:16 /
question about the body
Hello! I would like to clarify,what body sent when ordering dolls, old style or new?
Thank you!
annamarie890(12-12-03 12:01 /
Head only??
I was just wondering if there is an available way to purchase just a blank Dia head?? Or if I wanted her head on a boy's body, could I somehow order her with a boy's body?? I just don't want to waste money buying her, then a boy body, then selling the other body... it's just not worth it... >.<
kitsutenshi(12-10-12 19:43 /
One of the nicest dolls I have
The longer I own this doll the more I appreciate her high quality.  She is well made, well assembled, her sculpt is so elegant and she is always a joy to handle, pose and photograph.  A classy lady through and through.
Lucifer(12-09-02 04:48 /
soom dia
Hi! Can You me help? I want buy soom dia boy  on an old body. How to me to learn information? I can't find your e-mail! and you can make other make-up? Thanks for everything!
enifer(12-05-26 19:27 /
Thank you!
I wanted to share my opinion with you guys.

I just have received my Dia on the female body. I totally love her delicate make up.. and in person she looks a bit different than on the promo pictures - she looks stunning! She is like a a lotus bloom.. it is amazing! My lady has full body blushing and sanding as well as seams removed.  I totally love the work done on her - she has beautiful natural look and velvety feel of her skin. Her skin looks so radiant and natural without gloss and seams. And if you are interested in such services by Soom i highly recommend it. Sure everything will be scratched and gone with the time.. but you still can enjoy it for some time. ^_^

I am one of those who are totally happy with everything about their completed order.
Mahuma(11-03-31 18:23 /
My favorite doll ! She is gorgeous !!! :)
Anna(10-12-16 18:29 /
Love <3 Modify Delete 
i just love her
Kiro(10-11-26 17:01 /
White skinn? Modify Delete 
She's really beautifull doll, but might it be possible to release her in white skinn again? I would like to have her as such.
kasshan(10-06-14 07:53 /
So gorgeous
I already have one girl, and keep telling myself "no, its too easy to get clothes, youll loose a lot of money if you get another one" after seeing this girl, i dont care how long it takes to get the money for it, ive fallen in love with that gorgeous face ^_^
Beth1(10-06-11 09:00 /
Possible re-release? Modify Delete 
I really hope that you one day offer this doll in white skin again, especially a white skin boy. White skin Dia boys are very popular, and I missed my chance to get one! Thank you!
earthfairies(10-06-04 22:18 /
First BJD I have ever owned
For the 1st BJD I have ever owned, I must say Dia is extremely well made.  Her eyes they sent were a good color, however, I am not thrilled with the wig that came with her.  It is in Bright Red which is ok for the color but it is sewn up to have curled Pig tails in large ringlets.  Not very becoming for a lady.  A choice of Wigs or eye colors would have been good as now, I have to spend more money to purchase a proper wig for her, and considering her cost we should be allowed to pick one instead.  Just something Soom should maybe consider for the future.  Another pet Peeve is trying to re string her since she is loosely strung for shipping purposes.  I am new to BJD so this was a 4 hour set up for me and still may have her arms too tight, and body too loose as she flip flops. Information on length of string given obviously must mean when stretched, but it is not really clear in any of the instructions. I will have to re do her again.  Other than that I am extremely pleased with her on the whole, and Soom is an excellent Company and very considerate.  Quick shipping and well packaged as well.  Thank you again Soom.  Dia is Beautiful even without her face up, which I will be doing on my own. ;-)
Zoe(09-08-26 02:43 / )
I think she is sooo prettyfull!
Antara(09-07-20 11:49 / )
She looks like Jennifer Garner! Modify Delete 
I kept thinking Dia looked familiar. then it just finally dawned on me...she totally looks like Jennifer Garner! At least. to me. :)
giada(09-06-02 06:50 / )
I wanna a boy doll. but when I see her... she\'s beautifull. the body. the face. everyting....
Acunetix(09-03-28 10:38 / )
Mr. Modify Delete 
Mayra(09-02-12 21:34 / )
I have to admit it
I love the boys. but this girl is simply beautiful.
Briana(09-01-30 23:46 / )
WOW *_*
i neeed her. i love her face and body structure. just simply beautiful. saving up for her!!!!!!!!!!!
CathyJ248(09-01-11 08:24 / )
Beg Borrow and Steal Modify Delete 
I own two of this doll. She is perfection. Get her and get her now. I can\'t say enough good about her and her quality. I am seriously considering a third. LOVE this girl.
Arona7(08-12-05 04:40 / )
wow... Modify Delete 
She\'s my dream! :D
Moon(08-11-27 12:33 / )
She is really special. absolutely like a dream and her face is an amazing sculpture work! It\'s really beautiful. I\'m in love with this eyes and lips^^
Kassy(08-11-26 09:12 / )
She would make a beautiful boy too! I can\'t wait till I\'ve saved enough money to buy her ^_^
Briana(08-11-15 05:35 / )
beautiful. i love her hair. and her face is just lovely. i\'m saving up!
arouraann(08-10-22 11:13 / )
such a beauty! Modify Delete 
Shes gorgeous! sOom dolls are so lovely but so expensive for the average person. I will definately start saving! Since shes not a limited edition we dont have to worry arbout her bieng discontinued or production bieng stopped anytime soon right?
Lane(08-09-12 06:35 / )
Her body is simply stunning. as is her face. but that body is perfect. It\'s so gracful!
joyce(08-08-06 21:51 / )
^^ Modify Delete 
i just love her. can\'t wait untill i\'ve got eneaugh money to buy her ^^ i really like het body and her face looks very natural which makes her pure XD
cathyj248(09-12-02 09:55 /
I Love Dia
I own 2 of this doll.  I love her.  I love the way she moves, her expression, her attitude, just everything about her.  If she were part of the christmas sale i would be getting a third one.  You really can't go wrong with this girl.
Tifa(09-11-06 05:23 /
Some Questions Modify Delete 
I have some questions, in the description says wig and eyes; random, so, can we choose them?