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No. I yearn upward, touch you close,

Then stand away. I kiss your cheek,

Catch your soul's warmth- I pluck the rose

And love it more than tongue can speak -

Then the good minute goes.

Already how am I so far

Out of that minute? Must I go

Still like the thistle-ball, no bar,

Onward, whenever light winds blow,

Fixed by no friendly star?

      - Robert Browning's Two in the Campagna -



* including :

- assembled body(GBN005)

- 20mm SOOM eyes(random color)

- Magnet for head & head cap

- Owner's Guidel & certificate of authenticty


※For attaching a Head parts magnet

You drop one drop of glue, and you fix in magnet halls of Head as pushing the above magnet. Head cap attaches a magnet in ways same as above. At this time you shall let you leave for the poles to the inside that you were opposite to Head magnet. (make reference to Owner's guide) 


* face up : $50 please add it from option.


* options :

- face up $50
- body brushing $50

* skin type :normal type 


model design & sculpted by : Dimu


* age : Unknown


* size :

- height : 59cm

- head : 23cm

- Neck : 8.5cm 

- bust : 22.5cm

- shoulder : 10.5cm 

- back : 12.5cm

- waist : 20cm

- arm : 17cm

- wrist : 5.5cm

- hip : 25.5cm

- thigh : 15cm

- leg : 30cm

- ankle : 7.5cm

- foot : 6.9cm


If you should meet with a Gem around the well,

Good luck will smile on you.


Marshmellow(06-12-02 11:23 / )
Amazing! Modify Delete 
I LOVE this one... I want it so bad!
carol(06-03-11 07:50 / )
forgot to give 5 stars!
thank u!
carol(06-03-11 07:49 / )
kyrie is so great!
so cute! and the soom resin is so nice omg just so shimmery and beautiful! i love her! the soom eyes are not at all like other silicon eyes. these are much much better. so full of depth and mystical the way light hits them from different directions. so great! thank u!