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Date : 09-03-13 08:53
[ATTENTION] A significant attention regarding the Copied/Pirate BJDS!
 Writer : sOom
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[ATTENTION] A significant attention regarding the Copied/Pirate BJDS! Soom invest a lot of investment and special manpower, and we were calculated over the whole worlds marketing. Korea, besides intellectual property rights shall become protection as the result that the doll commodities which developed our Soom. Nonetheless distribution of illegal reproduction and reproduction commodity achieved at prospective customer levels of some BJDs because of the characteristics of a short national laws duty to have done, and recognition protective rights regarding copyright of a commodity was falling off. The main factors that these illegal reproduction issues prevent development of doll culture while a decrease gets manufacturing the dolls desire of a developer done are becoming. Protective to we customer from doll commodities fake Soom is getting measures for an extermination by illegal reproduction act and distribution regarding a commodity in order to do. And it be possible to purchase the Limited Edition, Monthly Doll and any dolls of SOOM informs the following shop. @Soom Online Store: @Soom Offline Store: -Soom-Japan HARAJUKU store You should note so as a limited edition items of Soom is distributing directly Soom and we inform you all the customers that not to buy a fake commodity. SoOm